It's about that time again to level up our Legends of Concordia characters.

This past episode we took on the Black Briar and came our victorious. It was easily our most difficult challenge and battle so far. But we persevered and now it's time to reap the benefits of not dying. And that's leveling up.

Leveling up to level 6 is not as glamorous as level 5. Not much happening here except increasing my hit points and gaining another level 3 spell. I chose counterspell, which basically allows me to stop any enemies spell that they have cast. And with the kinds of battles that we have coming up against the Olsteen and other potential foes, I felt this was probably the best choice.

Our next episode of Legends of Concordia will be coming up soon in the next couple of weeks, we just need to balance 5 persons schedules first. If you would like to join the Facebook group for Legends of Concordia and give recommendations as to people, places, or things to include in the story CLICK HERE.

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