Jeopardy used to have a rule that you couldn't win more than 4 games in a row. After that, it was three brand new contestants. They have since rescinded that rule and have had lots of champs go longer than 5 days. The longest being Ken Jennings, who won 74 straight, but that record is in **wink wink** jeopardy, as James Holzhauer is wrecking shop right now.

Did you know, that there are certain numbers that you aren't allowed to wager in Jeopardy? First of all, if you hit a Daily Double in the first or second round, the minimum you can wager is $5. But you can wager zero in Final Jeopardy. Here are the other amounts you can't wager.

  • $69 - That one is kind of obvious
  • $666 - The sign of the beast
  • And there are three more:
    • $14
    • $88
    • $1488

You might be wondering why you can't wager those last three amounts. It has to do with David Lane, a white supremacist who died in prison in 2007. The 14 has to do with the number of words in a sentence he wrote:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

The 88 has to do with Lane's "88 Precepts" which is a set of rules and guidelines for white supremacy while Lane was locked up. And the 1488 is obviously putting the two numbers together.

So those are the numbers you can't wager, but you can bet $420 ALL DAY!

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