We actually debuted this brilliant mash-up from DJ Schmolli last week and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So positive, in fact, that we’re going to play it again this Monday by popular demand.

In this Mashup we’ve got two of the core artists we play on this radio station: Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Schmolli always does great work but this one is top notch even by his high standards. Note how the Mashup begins with “Hetfield vocals over Nirvana music”, switches to “Kurt vocals over Metallica music” and , in between all THAT, combines Kirk Hammet’s guitar solo from Sandman over Grohl and Novoselic’s rhythm tracks from Teen Spirit! You’ve got to hear it to really get how cool it is!

Interesting side note: these two songs are not only both rock radio mainstays they are each also very significant in their own way. Smells Like Teen Spirit was the first massive worldwide hit song of the Grunge Era and Enter Sandman was the first song by Metallica to receive heavy airplay on mainstream rock radio. Both songs came out within a month of each other in 1991 and, in their own way, each song kind of put a nail in the coffin of the Hair Band Era of the 1980s.

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