I've been on a mashup kick recently. Going through Reddit or YouTube trying to finding mashups we can play as a Monday Morning Mashup.

Something that I've found out, that Buzz and I talk about frequently, is that for every good mashup, there's about 100 bad ones. Seriously, just go to the Reddit mashup page. It's littered with garbage. That Korn and The Lion King mashup was one of the worst things I've heard in years.

But that's why I'm here. To cut through the crap and bring the goods. And this one is a good one. It's a techno/trip hop/EDM mix. It's just a straight up mix with Blink 182's All the Small Thing, and Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual.

Be sure to watch the video too. It's older Blink 182. So old that Travis Barker only has, like a dozen tattoos. He looks vastly different now than he did in that video.


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