Today’s Mash Up comes courtesy of noted Mash Up artist Bill McClintock. It features James Brown who was the Godfather of Soul and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead who was the Godfather of Chain Smoking, Drinking Whiskey straight out of the bottle, Never Eating Fruits or Vegetables and Still Living to the Age of 70!

The Mash Up is called “Superkill” because it uses the songs “Super Bad” and “Overkill”. It also has a nice dollop of “Ace of Spades” to make it even more kick-ass.

I know James Brown was Soul Brother Number One but when you hear that visceral scream at the beginning of this Mash Up, it kind of makes you think he could’ve also been Metal God Number One if he’d only given it a try. Both of these artists have passed, sadly, so there’s no chance for an IRL version of this. But I think someone should try to get Bruno Mars and Metallica to do something together while that’s still an option. It might not be as Superbad as this but it would still probably be Prettybad, right?

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