Every Monday we try to bring you a new Monday Morning Mashup; two or more songs, often from very different genres of music, that have been combined in an interesting way. Morning Show Producer Brandon Coates lately has been the main person scouring the internet, Spotify, Soundcloud, et cetera, for cool Mash-ups. According to Brandon, for every good mash up you find you have to go through about a hundred that are…not good. Terrible, in many cases. So, that’s why we don’t ALWAYS have a mash up every single Monday.

That’s why I’m introducing the “Gong Rule”. When we’re playing a Mash Up any member of the Morning Show can hit the “gong”. If a song gets two gongs, we kill it. This way we can put on Mash Ups that don’t meet our exacting standards but if they’re really sub-par we don’t have to play the whole thing.

Today’s Mash Up features Led Zeppelin…and Bruno Mars. It’s called “Whole Lotta Uptown Funk”.

( Spoiler: it gets double-gonged with over a minute still remaining. )

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