Gimme fuel, gimme fire, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles just got what they desired -- James Hetfield's custom car collection.

The Metallica frontman has donated ten of his highly regarded vehicles to the museum, while also being named a "Founding Member," which is an honor reserved for the museum's most generous donors.

According to, among the items that will be available for viewing include his Voodoo Priest, which was based on a '37 Lincoln Zephyr, a '36 Auburn roadster named Slow Burn, a Delahaye-inspired '34 Packard, Aquarius, a '36 Ford in bare metal called Iron Fist, a purple '56 Ford F-100 pickup truck, and three cars by custom fabricator Rick Dore: Black Pearl, a custom 1948 Jaguar, a '52 Olds named Grinch, and Skyscraper, a 1953 Buick Skylark.

The vehicles will be displayed this coming February at the Petersen Automotive Museum's Bruce Meyer Family Gallery. The musician is also donating artifacts and memorabilia from his own and Metallica's private collections.

To learn more about the Petersen Automotive Museum, head here.

Hetfield is currently on tour with Metallica in Europe, with more "WorldWired" tour dates scheduled for the fall. To look into tickets for Metallica's run, head here.

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