The family and I are leaving the in-laws place on Friday when all of a sudden my kid yells out "Look Daddy! A dog!" Of course I'm immediately thinking that someone is walking a dog on the sidewalk.

Nope. It's a puppy running across the street to us.

There isn't anyone around with this dog and she only has a shock collar on. No other identifications. I decide I'll take her home and we'll come back and ask around if anyone is missing a dog. We did, and nothing. No one is looking for a lost dog.

The following morning I take "Female Dog" to the vet to see if she has a chip. The second I walk in the door with her, everyone at the vet's office is swooning over her. She's incredibly well behaved and they scan her. No chip.

One of the techs at the vet's office noticed this poor puppy has scabs on her neck from someone using that shock collar over and over again. So the shock collar gets thrown out.

This whole time I've already come to grips with the fact that if this dog doesn't have a chip, I'm going to keep her. But, I can't let the wife and kid know we're going to keep her yet though. The vet validates my decision when she's looking over "Female Dog" and comments that whoever had her before was abusing her with the shock collar. First, you don't put one on a puppy that young. Second, it shouldn't be leaving marks on her neck.

As the vet says "Well, she's not going back wherever she came from" it solidifies my decision to keep this dog. The vet seemed to think someone wasn't prepared to be patient with this puppy, tried the shock collar and just got frustrated and ended up dumping the dog.

My wife had her arguments all ready to go when I got home later on Saturday. She was prepared to let me know why we should keep this puppy. Little did she know there was no convincing that needed to be done. So yes, we have a new dog. Say 'hi' to Lucy.

If you're wondering what kind of dog she is, it's pretty obvious there's some German Shepard in there, but the vet seems to think it might be some Shar Pei as well.

We're gonna need bigger walls.

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