It's coming back! The McDonald's Szechuan dipping sauce is coming back again. Here's a quick history of the Szechuan dipping sauce.

  • To coincide with the release of Mulan back in 1998, McDonald's released a new dipping sauce for nuggets. Szechuan!
  • This was a very limited release. When the promotion for the movie was over, so was Szechuan dipping sauce.
  • Fast forward to April 1st, 2017 and the surprise premiere episode of Rick and Morty. Rick goes back in time in a memory so he can experience the McDonald's Szechuan sauce again. This brings the dipping sauce back to conversations and people want it. They want it bad.
  • McDonald's appeases the Rick and Morty masses and released the Szechuan sauce in a limited release again.
  • McDonald's promotional agreement ended with Disney back in 2006, so there's been serious doubt that the Szechuan sauce will come back with the new live action version of Mulan.

Well, guess what! It's coming back! McDonald's posted this on Facebook on March 1st...

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