We’ve got one of the funniest ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ episodes to date thanks to Mastodon and Gone Is Gone bassist / vocalist Troy Sanders!

We’ve wanted to get one of the Mastodon guys in our studio for a looooong time, so we jumped at the opportunity when Troy Sanders was in town! After a #HandShakeFromHell, Troy cleared up plenty of Wikipedia entries about Mastodon, including when the band actually formed, which is reported differently on many Wiki pages.

Sanders spoke about the classic story of guitarist Brent Hinds showing up to Mastodon’s first practice so drunk that he couldn’t play. Luckily, Sanders had been in bands with Hinds for seven years up to that point, so Troy knew the talent was there. After sending Brent back to his van, he came back the next day clear-headed and full of awesome ideas.

We ran into one of the weirdest Wikipedia entries in this series’ history for Sanders’ episode. On the page for The Hunter, Wikipedia claims “Spectrelight” and “Black Tongue” seem to have no meaning to the album’s classical theme of Chinese wood, while “Dry Bone Valley” (especially) and “Octopus Has No Friends” is seemingly cut from a concept album. Troy’s answer is one of the greatest in Wiki history, so be sure to stick with our video all the way until the end!

Check out the Troy Sanders edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ in the clip above, and pick up Gone Is Gone's new album, Echolocation, here.

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