How often do you use your car horn? Chances are it's increased a bit recently with the use of cell phones. And more often than not, it's not meant in an angry way. It's usually to get the attention of the driver in front of you that the light has turned green. It can be frustrating, but not worthy of an angry horn honk.

So this guy has created the friendly horn honk, specifically designed to get the person's attention. There are other horns as well he put in his car. There's an R2D2 honk that's even friendly that he uses to let a lady know her door is open, and it's preventing him from getting in to a parking spot.

Then there's the real attention getter, to be used on rare occasion. This horn, is basically a train horn, and it's awesome. If new cars were given the options of these multiple horns, damn straight I'd get that option.

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