On Twitter, people are sharing what awesome alternate names they use to call their pets by:

The response the Tweet got has been hilarious. Now, if you listen to the show, then you might be familiar with my cats, specifically Junior and Penny. This is Junior:


But I don't always call him Junior, actually, Junior is probably the last thing I call him by. He goes by these other names:

Angel of Love
The Most Handsomest cat in the world
Light of my life
Sir Whiskerton
My love

le penny

Other names that Penny goes by:

Le Penny
Most beautiful girl in the world
Pretty Pretty girl
Baby girl
Baby Cakes
Penny Two-tone
Penny La Del Barrio
Penny from the Block
915 Penny
And if you happen to sing to her "867-5309 Penny I got your number, I need to make you mine!" she'll respond to that too.

And this is Coco, my nephews dog who needed to know what to be for Halloween:

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Names that she will respond to:

Coco Bean
Coco Puffs
Coco Chanel number five
Bad Dog (we use that one a lot)
Very Very bad dog
Num Num Coco
Princess (my nephew calls her that a lot)

 So I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't really call her pets by their name. What do you call your pet? I'd like new names to try out!

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