Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

His post playing career portion of his Wikipedia page just keeps getting longer with a lot of pretty bad stuff.

  • Divorce? - Check
  • Bankruptcy? - Check
  • Grand Theft Auto? - Check
  • Steroids? - Check
  • Dumpster diving for his teeth? - Check.... wait, what?

Yes, that last one just happened. On Father's Day by the way. Here is the video.

How did you spend Father's Day? Watching the final round of the US Open? Spending time with your family? Maybe you were left alone to do whatever you wanted with the day. Guarantee it wasn't how Lenny Dykstra spent his Father's Day.

By the way, if there ever was an ad to not get into chewing tobacco, Lenny Dykstra is it. He was know for having a big ole wad in his cheek when he played. And now, his teeth have fallen out and he spends Father's Day digging his dentures out of a dumpster.

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