Motorhead leader Lemmy Kilmister has spoken out against the people responsible for last week's attacks on the city of Paris, which killed 130 people including 89 fans attending an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

"It's so dumb," he tells (via Blabbermouth). "Those people are so dumb. What for? Do you think it's gonna be a heroic thing to kill innocent people? A--holes. Cowards."

However Kilmister, who recently stared down a series of health scares, doesn't seem to think people are more vulnerable now than they were before these attacks.

"We've always been vulnerable. Every day you go out the house, you're vulnerable. You're inches from diving under a bus or somebody hitting you over the head for your money. Nothing is safe. Everybody seems to be obsessed with safety. Well, nothing is safe, okay? Nothing! Make the most of it while you're safe now. You won't be tomorrow, maybe."

Estimating that he'd played the same venue where the attacks took place "about 10 times," Lemmy also insisted he would have gone on with his band's scheduled Paris performance the night after the attacks if allowed. "I didn't think they'd let us play.. I would have gone on the day after. If they [the terrorists] stop you, then they win. And they're not gonna beat me... if the police cancel [the show], I can't do [anything] about that. But we didn't cancel it."

Kilmister also didn't mince words when the subject turned to the recent death of his former bandmate Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor. "He was a real character, he was a real nutcase, and I do admire that in a person. I think he lost his will to live, 'cause he was doing a lot of the wrong drugs and living with the wrong people and it finally caught up."

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