A famous West Texas Ranger, Joaquin Jackson passed away this past Wednesday after battling cancer.

Joaquin Jackson appeared in a couple of big Hollywood Westerns like 'The Good Old Boys' with Tommy Lee Jones and 'Streets of Laredo.' He even released a best-selling memoir called 'One Ranger.' I highly recommend you buy it on Amazon. In the book Joaquin talks about what it was like to be the Texas Ranger that brought justice to the Texas-Mexico border. It's one of the most captivating criminal catching tales ever written.

A man who appears with a gun on the cover of their book, had to serve on the board of the National Rifle Association. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry said Jackson,' served Texas and his country with skill and pride.'

Joaquin Jackson patrolled a large portion of South and West Texas and had even been involved in a shootout at a jail in Carrizo Springs. This West Texas superstar will be missed!

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