I love Mashups! When done well, I think it’s an art form to be able to combine two or more artists or bands and create something new and interesting. When Mashups first became a thing, Duke Keith and I even did some of our own. We don’t anymore because, A.) it takes a really, really long time and a lot of effort and B.) even our best ones were nowhere close to as good as the true masters of the Mashup genre.

One of those masters is DJ Cummerbund who has his own YouTube channel that you really should subscribe to. Here’s what Cummerbund had to say about his reasons for lending his mashing talents to the bands Greta Van Fleet and Led Zeppelin:

I was tired of people saying that Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin, so I created the supergroup ‘Ledda Van Fleppelin’ to prove that they don’t sound anything alike.” --D.J. Cummerbund

The songs that Cummerbund mashes are “The Wanton Song” by Led Zeppelin and “When the Curtain Falls” by Greta Van Fleet.

Courtesy of DJ Cummerbund here is “When the Wanton Falls.”

A couple of notes about this video :

At: 21 seconds look for a cameo by DJ Cummerbund (he’s the guy who looks like if Judah Friedlander raided LMFAO’s wardrobe room).

I knew that Greta Van Fleet lead singer Josh Kiszka SOUNDED just like Robert Plant. I DIDN’T know that he looks just like a 20-year-old Bob Dylan!

Greta Van Fleet is probably my favorite young band. Oddly, they’re only my 4th favorite “Greta” after “Garbo”, “Gerwig”, and “Van Susteren”, in that order.

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