Korn's 2016 standout albumThe Serenity of Suffering, pummeled fans with a return to their classic form, bringing back the punishing grooves and familiar lyrical agony that helped made their first handful of albums take such a dark, twisted turn. The band has steadily been touring the world in support of the record and have just issued a music video for "Black Is the Soul."

Set entirely against a black background, the video opens with a faceless woman in a black dress walking confidently into a pool of water. The footage cuts to the band, who are also ankle deep in the pitch black liquid, which invokes a haunting atmosphere. The anonymous woman continues to stride forward throughout the song, strolling past lifeless mannequins along the way.

Over the breakdown-charged bridge, the woman finds mannequin body parts in the water, but you'll have to watch the full video to learn what the significance of it all is. Commenting on the song, frontman Jonathan Davis stated, “‘Black Is the Soul‘ is a song about being pulled away from the right path and the video reflects that experience of trying to navigate those conflicting emotions."

Catch Korn on "The Serenity of Summer" tour with Stone Sour this summer. The run begins on June 16 in Salt Lake City, Utah and a list of stops can be found here. Earlier in the year, Korn performed in South America with Tye Trujillo, 12-year-old son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo, filling in for Fieldy on bass. When we spoke with Munky, he said Tye is "an exact duplicate of his dad in every way."

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