San Angelo Police and Fire Department personnel assisted several motorists who were stranded in their vehicles during Friday Night's storm.

Devra Esposito/SAPD
Devra Esposito/SAPD

At approximately 8:47 p.m. on Friday, local first responders were dispatched to W. Avenue I and S. Harrison for the report of a stranded driver whose vehicle was filling up with water.  A San Angelo Police K-9 Officer was able to rescue the woman through her window. [See Photo]

The National Weather Service and local law enforcement want to remind drivers about the dangers of driving into flooded roadways. Drivers often underestimate the power of floodwater. When there's water running across a road, drivers should always turn around and choose a different route.

Although  the rain totals were low, it was enough to cause flash flooding across many of the City's low-water crossing areas. It only takes six (6) inches of water to cause tires to lose traction and begin to slide and twelve (12) inches of water can float many cars.  Two (2) feet of rushing water will carry off some trucks and sport utility vehicles.

In flash floods, waters rise so rapidly they may be far deeper by the time you are halfway across, trapping you in your vehicle. Flash floods are especially treacherous at night when it is difficult to see how deep and how fast the water may be rising.

More lives can be saved every year if drivers follow this one golden rule: when there's water on the road, turn around, don't drown.  For additional resources about flooding visit

Other calls for recue came from S. Lincoln at W. Beauregard and S. Oakes at E. Highland.

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