2015 was a stellar year for King Diamond, who re-established themselves as one of metal's truly standout live acts. During the course of the year, the band played dates revisiting the classic Abigail album and there was talk late last year of a corresponding DVD and eventually recording a new disc. With some time passed since both projects were discussed, King Diamond just offered an update on each.

He reveals via a Facebook posting that Andy La Rocque and the band's sound engineer Pontus Norgren have started to work on the sound files from the U.S. 2015 Abigail tour shows. "Andy said he was surprised by how good it all sounds," says King. "I have personally seen a rough cut of the song 'The Possession' which was put together for us as a pre-taster by Denise Korycki who is in charge of the video project, and I can tell you it sounded and looked amazing!" He adds that things have taken longer than expected, but they now also have footage from their summer 2016 European festival performances and will also be reviewing that for possible inclusion in the DVD set.

"I can't tell you a release date at this moment, but we're definitely sticking our heads full time into this project now," adds King Diamond, who also offers, "Once we have finished work on the DVD, it will be time for writing and recording the next brand new King Diamond studio album. 2017 will be spent mostly on writing and recording, and we will also try to fit in a few special festival shows, performing the same set as on the Abigail tour. We might even hit a few places we haven't been in a million years."

So hold tight, King Diamond fans, and know that there will be a DVD on the horizon with the start of a new album to follow.

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