At least one thing hasn’t changed in the past 30 years — we still can’t understand what Kurt Cobain is singing.

The Fine Bros. recently uploaded Teens React to Nirvana, but they’ve just followed it up with Kids React to Nirvana. Basically all of these kids start in the same place — they’ve heard of Nirvana but can’t remember ever hearing them, but after a few songs go by, they realize this is the band they’ve heard all over the radio.

A lot of the kids were actually surprised by how mellow Nirvana were, eventually being taken aback when the heavier parts kicked in. “It doesn’t sound like you’re happy,” one kid rebuts after hearing the opening line to “Lithium.” “I don’t like it,” another kid said about “Polly.” “It’s too slow and sounds like country.”

The final song each kid heard was “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and 26 years after its release, it was still the universal favorite. Even the young naysayers had their heads bobbing with Nirvana’s iconic chord progression and Dave Grohl’s bestial rhythmic drumming. “Is he saying crocodile?” one youngster asked. “The best of all!” another young man professed.

While looking back on their listening experience, one kid wisely pointed out, “It just plays with your emotions, I guess. Part of the song you’ll be happy, part of the song you’ll mad and then you’re sad.” A young girl also gave a statement that a lots of Nirvana fans can relate to. “Even though I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, deep under those lyrics that you can’t hear, it’s actually saying something important.”

Watch Kids React to Nirvana in the clip above!

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