This car rises head and shoulders above all others.

Get a load of this Transformers-like SUV which, at the push of a button, lifts up in the air, enabling it to widen and drive over traffic on the roadway.

It's the perfect futuristic way to give the metaphorical finger to rush hour. According to Digital Trends, the car skies nine feet in the air.

Dubbed the Hum Rider, don't expect this vehicle (it's actually a Grand Cherokee) to be at your dealership anytime soon. It's merely a promotional tool. "The one-of-a-kind 'Hum Rider' vehicle was created to promote Verizon Telematic's Hum, which features a dongle placed in a car's OBD port to give diagnostics, roadside assistance, location, speed tracking, and geo-fencing capabilities," reports UPI.

The Hum Rider is the work of Thinkmodo, a special effects company that hit the viral jackpot in 2014 with the "Devil Baby Attack" video, which you can see below. It makes sense -- after you see this terrifying tot, you're gonna want to drive away and don't need other cars in your way.

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