It's finally October and Emily and I are excited to finally welcome in the Halloween season. In our cold, dark hearts it's always spooky season, but now that we're officially in October it's just deemed acceptable. To kick off the Halloween season, Emily and I are back in a new episode of What the Buzz available right now on Spotify.

In this episode I reveal to Emily why every time we start the podcast I say "let's hit it." Hint, it's from the short lived series "Scream Queens." In my head I sound like Emma Roberts, but I do not.

This episode also includes a discussion on our Halloween costumes and the parade which takes place at Album park every Halloween at 3 P.M. We also talk about the CarnEvil, the haunted house which opens this coming Friday!

All of October Emily and I will also be filming some makeup tutorials as I did last year. I've done makeup tutorials for The Nun and Terminator. This year I'm hoping to get in a Pennywise makeup tutorial that will be up on our Instagram page as soon as it's done. I'm obviously not an expert; it's just all in good fun. I still haven't decided what other  tutorials to do so if you have any suggestions or you just want to see me recreate a look you're interested in shoot me a DM to my Instagram: @joannabarbacoa.

Check out our Halloween season kickoff episode of What the Buzz available on Spotify right now!

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