Here's the news you needed today — Korn have finished writing a new album. Frontman Jonathan Davis confirmed to Kerrang! that the follow-up to 2019's The Nothing was written throughout the pandemic.

We just got done writing a record!” Davis enthused. It's been a bit of a process for them, as the members are scattered throughout different parts of California and Nashville, but they were able to make it work.

"It’s like an act of God to get us all together to do anything. We have to plan that all out! I’m sure there are a bazillion other bands with new music to release, too. In the meantime, let’s just go out, play live and have some fun!”

The "fun" Davis was referring to is a livestream concert followed by a series of tour and festival dates both in Europe and the U.S. Their first North American appearance will take place at Michigan's Upheaval Festival in mid-July along with fellow headliner Rob Zombie. Their tour with System of a Down and Faith No More is set to kick off in October.

See the full list of dates here.

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