A video has just surfaced online of Jonathan Davis screaming with his pre-Korn band, SexArt. The footage is from March of 1993.

The beginning of the 49-second video clip features an audio recording of a voicemail that one of Korn's managers left for producer and then-SexArt band member Dennis Shinn. She requested more information about a documentary that was apparently in the works, and according to the text in the video, they were trying to have it blocked.

The video then transitions over to SexArt in a studio, where a young Davis is seen headbanging and screaming. Toward the end of the clip, one of the guys can be heard saying, "And the Lord said, 'Let there be SexArt, let there be screaming.'"

Watch the video below.

Shinn founded SexArt in 1989, and Davis was the lead vocalist until his departure in 1993. SexArt never released a formal album, but some of their songs are on the internet, such as "Inside." Some of the members went on to form the group SuperModel, and Davis, of course, joined Korn. The band's roster included future Adema members David DeRoo and Ryan Shuck (who also played in Orgy and Julien-K).

"I liked jamming with them, but those guys would tell me what to sing, and would write the lyrics – well, the drummer [Shinn] did," Davis later told Kerrang! of his time in SexArt. "I was insecure with my singing to begin with, so he took advantage of that. Once I got into Korn, I had no one doing that shit, so I got to do what I wanted to do. I opened up and became a vocalist – I wasn’t trying to do what these other fools wanted to do."

Jonathan Davis Screaming With SexArt

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