2020 is about to get spooky. There are so many great movies coming out this year and as a lover of movies, I'm super excited for some new releases. As the horror lover on the show, I'm extra excited for all the new horror releases coming this year! 2019 brought some great horror movies into my life (looking at you, Midsommer) and this year looks like it will also be kind to my spooky loving heart.

I kicked off 2020 by seeing a horror movie (it's become kind of a tradition). I hit the theater to check out the re-imagining of The Grudge. It wasn't bad, actually, and you can totally tell it has Sam Raimi's touch to it. 2020 brings sequels to 2016's The Boy, this time with Katie Holmes in Brahms: The Boy II, as well as sequels to 2018's A Quiet Place with A Quiet Place: Part II and we'll once again see Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode face off with Michael Myers in Halloween Kills.

This year we'll also return to Saw in the ninth instalment of the franchise, this time spearheaded by comedian Chris Rock; there's no details on it yet, but it is being called "The Organ Donor" and it will be released on May 15th. We'll also see new installments for Candyman, out June 12th, The Purge 5, out July 10th, Fear Street (based on the R.L. Stine books) out June 5th, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, out September 11th, and The Witches, out October 16th. While there's not details for any of these yet, I'm sure as the year moves on, we'll start to see trailers for them. Below, check out some trailers to horror movies you definitely can't miss this year!

The Turning- January 24

Gretel & Hansel- January 31

The Lodge- February 7

Fantasy Island- February 14

Brahms: The Boy II- February 21

The Invisible Man- February 28

A Quiet Place: Part II- March 20

Antlers- April 12

Antebellum- April 12



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