2019 was a hilarious year for the Buzz Adams Morning Show, at least in video form. Over the past year we've filmed some great videos, if you don't already follow us on YouTube, I recommend you do because sometimes we bring up a video on the show you can follow along.  Click here to check out our entire library of videos.

This is the perfect time to look back at some of the best videos we've had in the year.

Let's start with one of the very fist videos we did coming back from our holiday vacation. "Bird Boxing." We all came back having seen "Bird Box" on Netflix and noticed the "Bird Box Challenge" was going viral. We decided to give it a twist.

Coming back, I also fell in love with tidying up, Marie Kondo style. It was a great time to de-clutter all the stuff in Buzz's studio.  P.S. Buzz is a hoarder.

Buzz makes some questionable purchases, but sometimes he hits the mark and even gets something that we can all enjoy on the show, that was the case when he bought "offensive crayons."

Did you know there were different ways to draw an "X"? There's a ton of different ways to write it, but the proper way is number 7.

Lisa challenged Buzz and I to see if we could tell the difference between a meatless burger and a regular burger. Meatless burgers aren't bad... but they're not my first choice.

We love doing viral challenges, well, we love making Buzz do viral challenges, so when the "credit card challenge" came out, we knew we had to make Buzz try it.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we had Nico, the would-be-a-doctor-if-he-didn't-drop-out-of-medical-school-to-become-a-comedian show Buzz and show our listeners how to check properly themselves.

When it came to Halloween and our Haunted House, we KNEW Nico was the one we needed to go through the house.

Buzz loves doing his crossword puzzle daily, when he asked for help, we should have known he was up to something else.

And finally, one of my favorites moments while on air, the lights going out and Lisa freaking out.


See ya in 2020!

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