Jinjer have been generating plenty of buzz, and while the group just issued a new EP titled Micro last month, they are planning to get to work shortly on their next full length effort. Bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov recently told Metalshop TV (seen below) that releasing an EP wasn't the initial plan and that the group will be spending the spring on their forthcoming full-length.

"We wanted to make an album, according to the plan which we had one year ago. Then we went to the United States and the first tour was with Cradle of Filth in the spring and ... the plan was to tour in the spring, summer, the summer festivals ... and the plan was we were planning to stay home for all of autumn and make a full length album," says the bassist. "But in the middle of the Cradle of Filth tour, we had a call from Dez Fafara of DevilDriver and he literally persuaded me to plan another tour in the fall, because the hype around Jinjer in the States was so high and there was so much of it, and we would lose our Visa time ... If we hadn't gone to the States in autumn, we would have just wasted that time."

As for their current plans, the bassist says, "As soon as we finish with this tour, we just come home and we will stay in Europe the whole spring and we'll be composing the whole next full length album." Jinjer are currently booked through Feb. 16, then don't have any more dates scheduled until May 3.

Abdiukhanov later revealed in the interview that the plan is to release their full-length album this autumn. He also offered some insight on their recording process, stating, "We never know what it's gonna be until we are done with the last song. People are very surprised to know that, after we are ready with an album, there is nothing left behind it. A lot of bands just make 25 songs; then they choose 10 and 15 are left outside. No — it never happened to us. We just make good songs. No fillers — nothing like that. We make it until we know, 'Oh, that's okay. We are done.' If it feels like eight songs, it will be eight songs. If it feels like 10 songs, it will be 10 songs. So there is no plan, there is no intentions — we just start writing, and it turns out the way it should be." See more of the chat below.

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