Former SNL cast member and star of the cult classic “Half-Baked” is out on the road opening for Metallica. Tonight, the tour is in El Paso at the Don Haskins Center. Breuer joined us in the studio for some fun this week and, as he explains it, he’s more of a “crowd fluffer” than an “opening act”. He told us that opening bands have a rough time going on in front of Metallica. He says that when they approached him Metallica said, “It sucks for the opening band. It sucks for us. We want you to come out and keep the fans that show up early entertained until we’re ready to start.” (By the way, I’m paraphrasing Jim Breuer who was, surely, paraphrasing the guys from Metallica).

Jim has been a favorite of some of the most legendary bands in the world, including AC/DC, because of his impersonations of some of his favorite bands. His treatment is fun, funny and (somehow) referential. You can tell he loves the bands he’s impersonating whether he’s doing what it would sound like if AC/DC did the Hokey Pokey or if Metallica did their own version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”. It’s pure, goofy fun.

Here’s a now-famous clip of Breuer doing Metallica IN FRONT OF Metallica! Stick with it until the end to see Hetfield’s priceless reaction.

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