Getting ready for the solar eclipse in Texas? If you still need glasses, here is how you can score some.

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April 8, 2024 will be a fun day in Texas as a solar eclipse will be covering a big portion of our state in complete darkness. As always with any solar eclipse, you should not look directly at it. Seriously, people do it every time. You will probably see glasses for sale, but here is how you can score some in Texas with your next drink order.

Sonic Introduces Blackout Slush

Sonic is getting all in on the solar eclipse by introducing a new drink that will be available starting this Monday. It's called the Blackout Slush Float. The beverage is topped with white soft serve and blue and purple galaxy-themed sprinkles and its taste is described as cotton candy and dragon fruit. Some are even saying it tastes like sipping Lucky Charms. Well to go along with your Blackout Slush, Sonic is giving away solar eclipse glasses with every drink purchase. So if you need glasses, score one of these starting next week.

Good News Is That You Can Enjoy the Drink on Solar Eclipse Day

If the glasses do sell out, the drink will be at Sonic awhile. It will stay on the menu until May 5th, so plenty of time to go score one over the next weeks. If you want to make your own glasses, I will put a lovely how to below.

DIY: Eclipse Viewing Without Those Special Glasses

Just click on the pic to open the YouTube video.

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

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