If you see a drummer in the wild, do not approach. For your safety, please study the video below to learn about drummer behavior.

Some drummers will attempt to steal the show from their lead singer and/or guitarist. In one instance, a white-haired percussionist couldn’t even remain in his seat during the performance. In a YouTube video entitled, “My Way - Drummer Steals the Show,” the vocals of a lovely young lady are violently overshadowed by a drummer attempting to summon the power of a Disney princess. His dramatic and theatrical movements are quite the spectacle — something David Attenborough would be fit to narrate.

You may have seen that weird, cute, pink animal crushing blast beats onstage with a kids band. Or maybe you’ve seen the “drummer at the wrong gig.” These are just two of countless examples we could point to of why you should never allow a drummer into your home, or your life.

But if you absolutely must fraternize with a drummer, make sure they don’t stop playing no matter what. Even if they’re half-tranquilized, falling backward off their stool, a real drummer will keep its arms and legs active even while not making contact with a drum or cymbal.

Enjoy our exhibits below, and once again, never give any drummer a microphone. You’ve been warned.

Drummers Aren't People

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