Mosh pits are one of the most treasured aspects of rock and metal culture, and they tend to be just as brutal as they are fun. Some people try to lighten up the atmosphere even more by wearing funny costumes.

There are some unspoken rules of moshing, but what you wear generally doesn't matter as long as you're respectful and not actually intending to hurt any fellow moshers. It's a time to come together with your fellow metal comrades, not attempt to injure one another.

One such costume-wearing mosh pit regular calls himself Mosh Pit Jesus, because, well, he wears an outfit that makes him resemble Jesus, and is often found in the pit at metal shows and festivals. We aren't sure if the clip we've provided is the actual Mosh Pit Jesus, as there are probably several people out there who've worn if before, but the point is that he exists.

Another instance, which went viral on TikTok, was someone wearing a large, inflatable Pikachu costume in a pit at a Suicide Silence show. As the buildup progresses, the Pikachu bounces more and more in anticipation, and then all hell breaks loose during the drop. Gotta catch 'em all!

Other notable costumes were a lion, a dinosaur and a unicorn, but we don't want to give them all away. It's hilarious watching people get thrown around inside a pit while they're dressed up as a character or an animal, so see for yourself in the Loud List above.

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