In This Moment's Maria Brink and Chris Howorth sat down at this year's Las Rageous in Las Vegas to talk about the tour, music and how being a mother influences her. This year's Las Rageous lineup in Las Vegas boasted a pretty impressive lineup. On Saturday, fans were able to see the theatrical and passionate performance from In This Moment. Before their set, Maria Brink and Chris Howorth sat down with me to talk about extended tour with Halestorm, the "grueling" process of writing an album and for Maria, how being a mother influences every aspect of her artwork. In This Moment and Halestorm have extended their estrogen fire-powered tour that includes New Year's Day and Stitched Up Heart. This tour is unique and Maria said it's really cool to see an all female-fronted rock tour and that is an "empowering, special thing." Chris also added in how the tour is different than usual tours where In This Moment is the only female-fronted rock act in the lineup:

"From the male perspective, having her be the only female-fronted band on the tour she stands out. 'Cuz it's normally all male bands all of the time. But this tour I think it's special because normally it is just one or two girls mixed in, now it's just (about) coming together, all of the most powerful ones. It's just awesome."

When recording the last album, Howorth had talked about how the writing and recording process of the album had been "grueling" for him and the band. For the next album, both said they wanted to take more time to finish it:

"This is the thing. I think we, Maria and I both but Maria's very particular too, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves for everything and we think we know what's going to happen but then we get in there and things are different and it becomes a lot of work to get it out. But that means it's good because we're spending so much time on it. I think, this next album that we're getting ready to do is going to be more grueling because we're trying to do it faster."

Maria disagreed saying that this time the band was going in for prepared:

"We wrote in the studio last time and we didn't do a lot of prior writing....I think there's a lot of pressure when you do it in that style. And there is something beautiful about that but I say let's do both. Write in the studio and have a bunch of things we love going into it."

Maria also talked about how being a mother influenced her lyrics:

"It actually influences my lyrics a lot, and I also sometimes I won't do a lot of things because I will worry about not wanting to push it too far because of how it will affect my son.......I mean, what son wants his mom to sing a song called whore?"

Chris and Maria both agreed that they have that discussion for every album and Maria talked about what her son's reaction was when she told called him and told him about the song "Whore":

"He said 'I respect you as an artist,' my son is also an artist, and he said 'you know, someday if this is ever turned around, don't ever put boundaries on my art or tell me I can't say anything or do anything ever.' And I was like okay, deal."

You can check out the fun interview in the video above, and be sure to keep checking our site for more Las Rageous interviews coming this week! In This Moment will be heading out their spring and summer tour this week.

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