What do you do for Mother's Day? Get your mom flowers, maybe more? Chances are it's a pretty big deal for your family. Well, not so much for Father's Day. Which isn't really a surprise, it it?

Newswire just did a survey that proves the point that Father's Day takes a backseat to Mother's Day.

  • 81% of dad's surveyed say that Mother's Day overshadows Father's Day
  • A whopping 70% of women and kids ADMIT that dad gets less acknowledgement on Father's Day than mom's do on Mother's Day
  • And almost 50% of them (49%) say that Father's Day is "not a big deal' in their family.
  • Of the people surveyed who do get something for their dad on Father's Day, spend an average of $38 less than what they spent on their mom.

This is not all that shocking and honestly, I know a lot of dad's who don't really care. They care about one thing, having the day to do what they want, which usually consists of relaxing and not doing a whole lot. I've known lots of dad's who just want to sit back and watch the final round of the US Open.

But don't let that deter you from celebrating your dad. Get the man a card, give him a call, do something to let him know you appreciate everything he's done for you.

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