We are officially a few days away from Valentine's day (don't say we didn't give you a heads up)! If you listen to the show, you may have noticed we've dedicated a segment called "Love Radio" where each day leading up to Valentine's day we discuss new statistics and information surrounding relationships and love all around. This morning, we discussed a new study that found single men smell more than taken men.

The study out of Australia found that single men smell not because they have bad hygiene (I mean, some of them may have bad hygiene) but they smell because single men produce more testosterone therefore making them stinkier. I decided to put it to the test. First I sniffed someone who I know is definitely taken- Brandon. The newlywed smelled clean. Although, I have a feeling that even if Brandon was single he'd still smell clean, he just seems like that kind of guy. Then I smelled Nico.


To my surprise, Nico smelled clean. Like, not even a hint of cigarette or weed! Then I smelled Buzz who is in a relationship and this is where that study is screwed. HE STINKS! Like, literally- he smells bad. His pits sting the nostrils so I don't advise you to go up an smell him. When asked why his pits smell like a garbage truck he said that he doesn't wear deodorant because someone told him that it's bad for him! This is what I work with.

Single fellas, don't worry if you do stink. Your high levels of testosterone may give you that funky smell but the study also found that women were TOTALLY into it! Women part of the study rated the single men's faces to be more "masculine" and appealing- which they theorize that it's an effect of the intoxicating level of testosterone. If you see me sniffing a man around town- mind your business!

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