The last time I mistook an actual product for satire was LAST Christmas. The product, I though, was just too ridiculous to be real. The commercials for the product were so insultingly asinine that there’s no way it’s NOT a parody, I thought.

That 2018 toy that turned out to be real was “Trumpy Bear”. I received a Trumpy Bear from my accountant and “friend’ Robert Diaz as a Christmas gift. Seriously. I know use it as the pillow for my studio futon.


It’s True!


It’s all True

This year’s product that I’m trying to apply Poe’s Law to is The Butthead Fart Launcher 3000.

I know kids, especially boys, are amused by farts. But there are just some aspects of this ad that seem suspicious.

The jingle, which consists of these 5 words: “Buttheads! Their heads are butts!” smacks of satire.

You’re supposed to load it with a cartridge containing some kind of chemical which, in 2019, seems unlikely to be something you can get away with.

They also sell Butthead action figures including an alien called, and this is true, “Uranus”.

The whole commercial seems like a Saturday Night Live skit. And not a good one. Like the SNL skits that run when there’s only 2 minutes left and you can tell they only included it because the musical guest went a couple minutes short.

I looked up the product on Amazon to see if it actually exists and what I found left me with more questions than answers: they DO have the Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000s on Amazon BUT they’re currently unavailable. Is that because they don’t actually exist or is it because they really ARE so popular like some kind of smelly, fecal Cabbage Patch Doll.

Even if it turns out to be a real product I’m still going to have to say the Trumpy Bear is grosser.