It's been haunting me since Buzz played it! If you missed it on the Morning Show, Buzz played some audio for us that was captured by some hunters up in the woods in Canada. At first it sounds like a howl from a wolf, which I can totally understand. Towards the end, though, it sounds more like an agonizing scream. The audio Buzz played for us was boosted because the original audio is a bit faint, but turn it up or use some headphones and hear for yourself!

Look, I'm not a Bigfoot believer. I don't spend my time on Sasquatch message boards or spend weekends in the woods searching for it. I do think that it's super creepy. I especially think that's super creepy that it's in broad daylight and that this family, which consists of Gino Meekis, who took the video, his wife and grandson, they didn't immediately leave, they stopped to record it! The Meekis' were grouse hunting when they heard the scream. I've spent a good amount of time in the woods to know that when you hear a noise like that you either get inside your cabin or in your car and get the heck out of there!

The scream gives me the chills but also, now it makes me ask the question: is Bigfoot real?! And if it is real, is Bigfoot Canadian? Either way, cryptid researchers (yeah, that's a thing) think that this points to actual existence of Bigfoot. All I know is that whatever the family heard out there, it sounds big and it sounds angry and no one should disturb it!

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