Whoever is running the El Paso Locomotive FC Facebook account needs to be my best friend! If you've never been to a Locomotive game then you are missing out because the games are great (even when they don't win) and the crowd is a ton of fun. Seriously, the Locos know how to have a great time.

Mauricio Muniz

Everyone is so cool and it's just a fun environment.

Mauricio Muniz

While the inaugural season is over, I highly recommend that you get some tickets now for next season because it's bound to get loco.

But, back to the lecture at hand. On this cold and rainy day, while scrolling through my timeline I ran across this picture of Logan Ketterer on the EP Locomotive FC page on Facebook and couldn't help but laugh.

Ketterer, the goalkeeper, has his hand on his chest with what looks like rain sprinkling around him. The caption makes it perfect: "There's a 30 percent chance that it's already raining." If you don't understand the reference, allow me to explain.

The quote comes from the 2004 cult movie Mean Girls where Amanda Seyfried plays the typical "dumb blonde" character named Karen Smith. In an earlier scene, when asked about her talents Karen mentions that she her breasts can tell when it's going to rain.

Then, towards the end of the movie, Karen is doing her weather report when she says the iconic line:

Thank you, Locomotive FC for bringing back this iconic line, you CAN sit with us!