If you haven't heard the progressive rock/metal hybrid Hyvmine, we're here to right your wrongs. The band released their debut record, Earthquake, in 2017 and issued a three-track EP, Fight or Flight, earlier this year. They're keeping the momentum rolling with their next full length, Retaliation coming out next year and Hyvmine has partnered with Loudwire to preview the album with the title track, heard below.

"Retaliation" is a fist-tightening stomper, at least initially as the song opens up with steady, low-slung chugging, a calm and too-cool vocal delivery and a touch of synths to pad the atmosphere. Picking up the intensity, there's so angst-ridden barks, countered by that smooth voice of guitarist and frontman Al Joseph. Hyvmine balance a nervous, brooding atmosphere with slick hooks and clever arrangements, keeping the listener off balance in the best of ways with a sense of unpredictability that makes this track so exciting.

Al Joseph exclaims, "We decided to call our second full-length album, Retaliation, because it perfectly reflects the band’s mantra, a movement within the #HyvNation (our fans/family) for true self-empowerment of the body, mind and soul!"

"We all have a story to tell," he continues, "and no matter who you are in life, there was always someone, somewhere telling you that you aren’t good enough or even sometimes your best friends would secretly be wanting you to fail, simply because they are unhappy where they are in life and misery loves company."

Speaking about the track, Joseph elaborated, "'Retaliation' is a big middle finger in the face of ALL those naysayers and negative assholes who try to rip people down, instead of providing them a support system to build them up. Hyvmine will be that support system and 'Retaliation' is not meant to meant as a ‘violent attack’ taken in literal form, instead it’s simply urging those stuck in life to 'retaliate’ against whatever is holding them back from moving forward (alcohol, drugs, pure laziness or terrible people around them)."

"HYVMINE are here to retaliate against the metal and hard rock world and in 2019 everyone is put on fucking watch," he boasted. "#HYVLife!"

Hyvmine's next record is set for a 2019 release on Seek and Strike.

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