• Song - Dominick the Donkey
  • Year - 1960
  • Written By - Ray Allen, Sam Saltzberg, Wandra Merrell
  • Performed By - Lou Monte

Other Random Facts

  • The song talks about a donkey who helps Santa take gifts, that were made in Brooklyn, to Italy, because the reindeer can't climb Italy's hills.
  • In 1960, the song hit number 14 on the "Bubbling under the Hot 100" list, which is basically a list for songs that don't make that actual Hot 100.
  • It had a resurgence in 2011 thanks to British radio talk show host Chris Moyles playing the song frequently reference to show contributor Dominic Byrne. They ended up putting together a campaign to get the song up to number 1, but they came up short with the song peaking at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart.
  • The original title of the song has Dominick spelled with a "K" on the end, but the re-release dropped the "K".


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