Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts had a DNA test done to answer the question of whether or not she has any Native American heritage. Warren has made claims, based on family lore, of Native heritage in the past. Donald Trump who, the last we confirmed, is STILL president of the United States has used this to slur Warren as “Pocahontas” and “Fauxcahontas.” He also promised to write a check for a million dollars if  Warren “takes a test that proves” that she’s Indian.

Senator Warren’s DNA test is in and it, in fact, shows “absolutely, Native American blood” in her heritage.

The test shows that Warren could have as MUCH as 1/64th Native Heritage and as LITTLE as, wait for it…

1/1024th parts Native blood. Trump has called this a “phony” DNA test but if that’s the case who would fake a DNA test to come back with such piddling results? Of course, Trump would have ridiculed Warren if the test had come by ¼ or even 50%.

But, yeah, 1/64th (a BEST case scenario) doesn’t really vindicate Warren.

Here, let me demonstrate how underwhelming Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results are. Watch this one minute video.

That’s a parody that South Park did of people who get a DNA test and then claim minority status based on a very small amount of (fill in the aggrieved demographic) heritage. In this, again, PARODY OF WHITE PEOPLE APPROPRIATING RACIAL STATUS…the “white guy” finds out that he is actually “4.2 % Cherokee”. You don’t have to be good at math to know that “4.2%” is many, many, many times greater than “1/64th.”

So, Elizabeth Warren’s own DNA test shows that she is: Not even close to as much Indian as South Park made fun of when ridiculing white people making ridiculous claims about their heritage. That’s got to be one of the lower hurdles ever established. So, I guess, as much as I hate to say it. Point: Donald Trump?

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