Anyone who has ever listened to the True Crime Report on the Buzz Adams Morning Show knows this one, universal constant: there will always be at least one story from Florida in the True Crime Report. Also, 19 times out of 20, it will be the weirdest and craziest story of the day.

A few months ago someone on the internet posited that maybe the “Florida man” in all the crime stories is actually one person. Maybe Florida Man is a kind of reverse-superhero; a meth-using, swamp-dwelling gator-tosser who is somehow everywhere and nowhere at the same time in the Sunshine State.

Thus was born the legend of FLORIDA MAN. You can follow Florida Man on Twitter, read about his exploits on Reddit or at his own website.

Now, you can play the Florida Man Game. Rules are simple. Enter “Florida Man” on Google followed by your birthday. Press “search.”

I’ll do one using my birthday…Florida Man June 27 yielded the following results:


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