In a recent Morning Show meeting, we got into a discussion about how far someone would travel for money, or a prize. And somehow, Buzz went from calling all of us pretentious, to coming off as the most pretentious person of all.

Basically Buzz was saying he'd stop and bend over to pick up $25 but that's about it. And he could see $25 laying on the ground, but if he's in his car, he's not getting out. Those of us on the show that can't get doped up on Lunesta and spend hundreds of dollars on crap said we'd be willing to stop and get that money.

There was recently a poll done that asked these questions. How much money would you stop to pick up?

  • 56% of Americans say they'd stop to pick up a penny
  • And no, it doesn't really matter how much money you make, although people who make over $80,000 a year were slightly less likely to pick it up, it wasn't that less likely.
  • 11% of people say they'd stop only for a nickel or more
  • 6% for a dime of more
  • 14% for a quarter of more
  • 6% won't stop to pick up any kind of change at all


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