Looking for a job and looking for that extra edge? Here's one that is really, really simple. After you interview for the job, send a follow up email.

300 hiring managers were asked if getting a follow up, thank you note from a potential hire helps increase someone's chances of getting hired. And guess what. A whopping 80% of the managers said yes.

But here's the problem, only 24% of people send a follow up email. Which is was down from 51% ten years ago. It doesn't have to be anything long. Just a simple thank you for their time to meet with you. That's it.

Sending this simple note helps you stand out and makes you look professional. Plus, it makes you look enthusiastic and that you pay attention to details and are willing to follow through with something.

Most of the managers said an email was fine. It was split down the middle in regards as to whether to give them a call or not. And definitely don't text them. That'll almost seal your fate of not getting the job.

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