Today is Steve Buscemi's 59th birthday. And how did you just read his name? Was it boo-sheh-mee? Boo-see-mee? Boo-seh-mee?

Well, I can say that I pronounced his name like a lot of people do. Boo-sheh-mee. And that's not necessarily wrong. But, also, not the only answer. Below is a video of an interview with Steve Buscemi where they get to talking about how to pronounce his name.

He gets introduced as boo-seh-mee, but when the topic gets brought up, Buscemi admits that while that pronunciation is correct, so is boo-sheh-mee. And then they go down the whole road of pronouncing Italian names.

Which we ran into last week when talking about the name Medici. The family that ran Florence, Italy during the Renaissance and was featured heavily in the show Da Vinci's Demons.  Which is a great show by the way. At least the first season is, that's all I watched.

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