If you're like Buzz, you hate all household chores. But if you don't have the money for a maid, chances are you need to clean your own house. Unless you live in a pig sty. And that's just gross.

Well, YouGov just did a survey to find out what chores people like doing the most, and which ones they hate doing the most.

  • Most Loved Chores:
    • Cooking 62%
    • Organizing 44%
    • Vacuuming 27%
    • Cleaning the house 25%
  • Most Hated Chores:
    • Ironing 50%
    • Cleaning the house 44%
    • Taking out the trash 37%
    • Mopping and scrubbing 32%

One thing that confuses that crap out of me with this survey is how is "cleaning the house" it's own option. Cleaning your house is pretty much all of this. But I also don't consider cooking to be a chore. I can understand how it used to be thought of that way, but I find it to be a fun activity. But I'm also not having to cook for an entire family, along with a bunch of other chores that come with not being a single guy.

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