Other Random Facts

  • Just like The Christmas Song, this was written during a very hot summer in 1945, and the reasoning behind it is similar. Styne and Cahn were trying to think of cooler times to get their mind off the insane heat they were dealing with.
  • This is another holiday song that doesn't actually mention Christmas.
  • The first recording of the song was in 1945 by Vaughn Monroe.
  • The recording became an instant hit, making it to number 1 on the charts.
  • There were competing version of the song by Woody Herman (vocals) and Sonny Berman (trumpet), as well as a version by Connee Boswell.
    • Herman and Berman's version reached number 7.
    • While Boswell's version of the song peaked at number 9.
  • Other notable recordings include Carly Simon and Rod Stewart.
  • But of course the version most people know is by Dean Martin.

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