If you aren't familiar with Shim, let me give you a quick rundown. He's the former lead singer of Sick Puppies, now has a solo career and also co-hosts Rockstar 101 with me.

He's been on a mission to help Brenna. Here is all the info straight from Shim's Facebook page.

Meet Brenna! See what she has been going through and how much she has left to go.
A minimum donation of $250 from every sale at Drive Auto this week goes to
To help her get through her leukemia treatment before the medical system abandons her after she runs out of money.
AND they will donate $1 for every “share” of all videos this week on Facebook, twitter and instagram AND $1 for every like to Drive autos Facebook page
So you’ve got no excuses now!
Get down to -
5632 Odana Rd
Madison, WI 53719�United States
They have more amazing cars priced under 10k than anyone else in town so come down and see us today and everyday till the end of the week. Or just come down and hang out!!!


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