You may have heard of groups who want to talk seriously about Texas seceding from the United States. Texas Nationalism, Republic of Texas movement, Texas's gone by several names for the past couple of decades. The latest and most visible current incarnation is the Texas Nationalist Movement headed by a man named Daniel Miller who was our recent guest.

Video synopsis: 

Mr. Miller believes, as many Texans wrongly do, that the state of Texas has a unique right among the various states to secede from the Union whenever they choose do.

This is not correct.

When Texas joined the United States in 1845 there was a clause in the annexation that allowed for Texas to split into 4 smaller states. The idea that there has ever been any recognized precedent for Texas lawfully leaving the Union is a myth.  Besides, Texas already did secede from the United States. It was over the right to own other human beings and a war was fought.

Could Texas vote to leave the United States? Yeah, sure, the same way every other state could: it wouldn't be recognized by the federal government and would probably lead to bloody conflict.

To hear the separatist side, here's the interview with Daniel Miller:

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