It’s more of a “fence” and it is only “sort of in the vicinity of the border”. This may strike wall supporters as nit-picky but I feel like it’s fair: Steve Bannon got Donald Trump to remember to mention the border by giving him the easy-to-remember “Border Wall”. It was easy for Trump to remember and easy for his base to chant back to him. So, when a group is crowing about their accomplishment I feel it’s fair to point out that said accomplishment doesn’t meet a single definition in their two word claim.

The “Wall” is actually bar fencing that a small adult or a large child could squeeze themselves through. Also, as nearly as I can tell by making a quick visit to the site, the fence is at least several hundred yards from an actual international boundary.

Oh…and, it goes without saying…Mexico ISN’T paying for it. It was actually paid for by donors to a GoFundMe called “We Build the Wall”. I wonder if any of the donors (who paid an average of $67 each) might want their money back after finding out what the Non-Border Non-Wall actually is. It’s a private fence, on private land for an ardent Trump supporter who claims that he’s been robbed by illegal immigrants in the past. Jeff Allen, the co-owner of American Eagle Brick Co., says, “Anyone who is against this is against America”. Actually, I can understand why Allen admires Trump, the possibly-billionaire who made much of his fortune by getting other people to pay the bill for projects that only benefitted him. Maybe Jeff Allen learned how to get strangers to pay for his $6 Million private fence by going to one of the Trump University Seminars. That’s a joke, of course, because we know from the lawsuit against him that nobody ever learned anything valuable at Trump University.

Construction on the “ not-on-the-border not-a-wall “ began on Friday and was finished (enough) to have its rollout on Monday. So, the real take-away is this: if a bunch of shady Trump supporters can built a phony border wall in three days, why is the Interstate 10 project taking 6 years and counting? Maybe Tx-Dot could learn from this. Just contract Go-10 to a bunch of delusional Trump fans, tell them it will “stop Messicans” and the whole thing can be done by this Friday.

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