Hey there, looking at me / Tell me, what do you see?

Well, we'll tell what we see: It's two previously unreleased Green Day songs, the newly unearthed tunes "Jennifer" and "Maybe Forever" dating back to Billie Joe Armstrong and the gang's early days of music-making in the late '80s.

Freshly uploaded this week, the vintage recordings were captured as Green Day opened for Killdozer at Berkeley Square in Berkeley, California, on July 22, 1989. To boot, these are the only known live performances of the songs.

Picture it. Back before their first album, Green Day were rockin' veritable local gigs with early bangers such as "Going to Pasalacqua" or their Operation Ivy cover, "Knowledge," to what we gather was a largely unsuspecting audience.

The throwback set also includes a version of "Stay," a Green Day song previously thought to be called "World vs. World" until 2017, when former drummer John Kiffmeyer — who plays on these recordings — set the record straight about the cut's origin, according to Kerrang. It was reportedly written by Armstrong for a film.

As noted in the video description, "Jennifer" was at one time referred to with the title "Future Old Boy." It's unclear if Green Day themselves ever actually applied a final title to the track, since it never landed on an album.

"In this newly surfaced upgrade, you can hear Billie Joe say what the song title is, but I can't make out what he's saying," the YouTube uploader writes beneath the clip. "Recorded at the Berkeley Square on July 22nd, 1989 by William Nichols. Thanks to huskerdu1972 for surfacing this on Dimeadozen!"

Green Day's most recent full-length effort, Revolution Radio, was released in 2016.

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